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Passengers stranded on bullet train

By Winter Zha (Shanghai Daily)

08:38, July 09, 2012

THE weekend was far from a smooth for train travelers.

Following some high-speed train delays and cancellations on Saturday, the bullet train services to Beijing yesterday halted along the track, leaving passengers stranded until the train started again.

The Shanghai Railway Bureau said yesterday that six train trips along the Beijing-Shanghai line were delayed between six minutes and an hour yesterday.

The other 150-plus trips of the line ran on the schedules, said railway officials.

The trains to neighboring Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces operated normally with no delays reported, officials added.

The situation was a lot worse on Saturday.

Equipment glitches were first reported at a railway station in suburban Songjiang District on Saturday, leading to cascading delays on later train service.

The trains to neighboring Hangzhou City were among the most affected, according to the train service operator.

The malfunction at Shanghai's Songjiang South Station at 8:22am was repaired at 9:36am, the bureau said. Eight trains were suspended from operation.

Some passengers who were late for flights were compensated by the railway operator.

A passenger said he was about to take flight at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport but was stranded on the high-speed train from Shanghai to Zhejiang on Saturday.

The operator agreed to pay the fares to let the passenger take the next flight, according to media reports.


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