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Daughter poisoned, mom jailed

By Li Qian (Shanghai Daily)

08:58, July 05, 2012

A mother who killed her 13-year-old retarded daughter with poison has been sentenced to eight years in prison by a court in Zhangjiajie, city of central Hunan province.

The woman, surnamed Gong, 38, said she was overwhelmed and "had no choice but to kill her daughter" because none of her relatives shared the burden and her husband was frequently out of town and didn't help.

The Zhangjiajie Intermediate People's Court said it was giving Gong a lenient sentence because it was a "domestic tragedy" and her family has forgiven her. She didn't appeal the ruling, the Xiaoxiang Morning Post reported yesterday.

Gong's daughter lost control of her bodily functions and always broke into others' houses, stealing from them and sleeping in their beds, villagers said.

In November, Gong was upset that the girl stayed out all night and soiled her pants again, according to court testimony.

The mother found a bottle of pesticide, carried the girl to a secluded place and fed her the pesticide. The girl collapsed, foaming at the mouth, and Gong covered her with hay and fled, the paper said. Days later, villagers discovered the body and Gong turned herself in.

She burst out crying during the trial in June, saying she was reluctant to kill her daughter but she just couldn't tolerate her life.

In June 2011 in south China's Dongguan City, Han Qunfeng, 38, was jailed for five years for drowning her 13-year-old twin sons who suffered from cerebral palsy. She said she had lost all hope after she had looked after the boys for 13 years.


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