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Latest food scare leads to milk recall

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

08:19, June 28, 2012

Bright Dairy & Food Co Ltd is recalling hundreds of cartons of its Ubest fresh milk after alkaline water used to clean equipment was inadvertently added during production, the Shanghai Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau said yesterday.

An automatic valve didn't switch on immediately on Monday afternoon at one of Bright's factories, which led to some alkaline water left in a pipeline to mix into the fresh milk on the production line during routine equipment maintenance, the bureau said.

About 300 of cartons of Ubest, 950 milliliters, which hit the market on Tuesday, were affected, Bright, one of the biggest and most respected dairy brands in Shanghai, said on its website.

The bureau is still investigating the case.

The bureau also demanded Bright give a clear report about the mishap, including the recall result, customer complaints and the food safety hazard.

Meanwhile, the bureau has taken samples of some Ubest milk produced on Monday for testing. It also reminded citizens not to drink the 950ml Ubest fresh milk produced on Monday.

A number of netizens complained about the bad smell and yellow color of the milk on their microblog yesterday.

A netizen identified as Josphin said she mixed purple sweet potato into two cartons of Ubest fresh milk produced on different dates and found one carton turned purple and the other blue.

Josphin uploaded a photo of the two cartons of milk on, a popular microblogging site.

She said a Bright staff member told her caustic soda was mixed into the milk by mistake.

The post circulated quickly and was reposted more than 6,000 times yesterday.

The bureau said it began investigating the case after learning about it on Weibo.

Earlier this month, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said in a statement that mercury was detected in Yili products during a check of baby formulas.

The watchdog also said a random sampling found above-standard amounts of a toxin linked to cancer in batches of milk products from Mengniu, one of China's largest dairy producers, in December.


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