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Top brands fail tests for quality, city finds

By Hu Min (Shanghai Daily)

08:18, June 27, 2012

Some well-known international brands such as Vero Moda and H&M failed quality tests, city authorities said yesterday.

Brands such as New Balance, Edc by Esprit and Mogg Pink were also on the list for quality problems including color fastness, fiber content and pH index, the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau said.

Edc by Esprit trousers sold at the Pacific Department Store on Huaihai Road and Vero Moda jacket samples sold at the Next Age Department Store in the Pudong New Area failed the inspection for color fastness. A set of Zara trousers and a jacket that were tested were found to have poor color fastness as well.

The dye in clothing with poor color fastness will bleed out of the fabric and onto the skin, which can be harmful.

Among the 43 batches of garments on the poor quality list, 21 had that same problem.

Knitted vests for men by New Balance sold at Huijin Department Store and skirts by Vero Moda and Mogg Pink were found to have engaged in false labeling. They had less of certain types of fiber than what was marked on their labels.

The tag of jeans produced by a garments company in Hangzhou indicated that they were made of 90 percent cotton, but the tests found only 78 percent was cotton, and the rest rayon.

Some brands, such as H&M, failed tests of durability such as for stitching, and some for exceeding the national pH standard for textiles, which is 7.5 at the upper permitted limit.

Substandard dye or materials can cause a high pH.

Doctors also said that a high pH index can lead to skin allergies and make people vulnerable to bacteria.

Zhang Yusong, an official with the bureau, said the bureau ordered that the substandard products be taken off shelves.

It was not the first time that popular brands failed quality tests. At an inspection in late May, Zara and Disney were on the substandard list.

A Zara shirt was found to contain less of some types of fiber than its label indicated, while a Disney T-shirt and a pair of Jacadi shorts had a high pH index.

Officials remind people to pay close attention to garment tags' explanation of textiles used, washing instructions and quality levels. Also, consumers should be on guard for bad or strange smells and stitching problems at seams.


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