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Hangzhou makes life tougher for non-locals

(Global Times)

16:34, June 18, 2012

Migrant workers in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province will have to prove they graduated from senior high school before they will be granted a residence card entitling them to the same social services as permanent local residents.

The newly-added requirement, effective June 1, is likely to dampen the hopes of many migrant workers, some of whom have lived in the city for years.

The education prerequisite has renewed debate over the country's discriminatory household registration system, reported the Workers' Daily.

Along with a high school diploma, applicants for a Hangzhou residence card must also show they have a stable job and no criminal record.

Once a resident from outside the city obtains a residence card they will be entitled to send their children to local schools and receive social welfare benefits. They must hold the card for nine years before they can apply for a hukou, or permanent resident status.

Proponents of the diploma requirement said it's intended to upgrade the quality of talent who want to make Hangzhou their permanent home. Opponents say the requirement is discriminatory.

By the end of last year, the city of 8.7 million permanent residents recorded a floating population of some 3.98 million, the news portal reported at the end of May.

Zhejiang's move in 2009 to replace the temporary residence permit with a residence card was seen as improving the status of the province's floating population.

According to the Workers' Daily, many non-locals received an average of 8.6 years of education, while the new rule will require applicants to have passed 11 years of school.


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