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Forced late-term abortions must not be tolerated (2)

(Global Times)

16:22, June 13, 2012

Though we condemn this forced abortion case, we shouldn't deny the positive effect of the family planning policy. It is a special policy formed at a special time. Despite the gradual emergence of negative consequences, academic thinking still agrees its pros outweigh its cons. The idea of abandoning the family planning policy hasn't received much support among scholars.

Many favor adjusting this policy, but there are many disagreements over how and to what extent the adjustment should be made.

It is irrational to totally reject the family planning policy. Some people cite the example of Japan's population density to prove China can dump this policy. But the total population in regions such as Japan and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is limited. And they have relied on global resources to support their economic surge and development. But China's 1.3 billion population is competing for global resources. The world cannot afford a larger China.

First things first, forced termination of late-term pregnancies must be condemned and banned. But it shouldn't be a reason for refuting the whole policy, which has freed China from the burden of an extra 400 million people.

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