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Forced late-term abortions must not be tolerated

(Global Times)

16:20, June 13, 2012

A nurse takes care of newborns at No. 1 People's Hospital in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. The world's population is expected to reach 7 billion on October 31, 2011, four years later than once predicted largely thanks to China's family planning policy, according to the country's top population experts. (Xinhua Photo)

A mother in Ankang, Shaanxi Province who was seven months pregnant was reportedly forced to undergo an abortion at the instruction of local family planning officials. The matter is being widely circulated online and led to heated discussions. According to the relevant policy, China clearly prohibits women who are over six months pregnant from undergoing abortions. If the Ankang case is true, the local officials obviously violated the relevant policy and should be punished.

China's family planning policy is aimed at promoting the country's development, and implementing this policy needs flexibility. There have been extreme local cases in the past, which have increased the complexity of promoting the one-child policy.

With the development of society, expectations of the family planning policy as well as Chinese people's awareness of human rights are changing. Local governments should have a broader horizon and not cross various bottom lines when carrying out their work. China has made achievements in protecting human rights; many humanitarian ideas have been introduced into China through globalization and the Internet. Much pressure has been put on grass-roots governments and forced improvements in social governance.

Local governments should turn this pressure into a driving force and realize improvements in their working style. Take the Ankang case as an example. What the officials have done goes against policy, no matter what their reasons are, and has stirred public opinion and damaged the image of the family planning policy.

Some hold that the family planning policy can only be implemented through tough measures. This kind of thinking is unacceptable today. Society has undergone tremendous changes in the last three decades. The desire for more children is decreasing. Cases of late-term pregnancy cannot be terminated through force. This is a requirement of the social moral standards of today.

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ASEAN at 2012-06-13220.255.2.*
Abortion MUST BE STOP. Abortion is killing of the innocent.
Patriot at 2012-06-1349.124.200.*
Use rational persuasion not enforced law to encourage couples to have less children. Why is the leadership so stupid? it is an effective approach. No wonder the rest of the world are calling the Chinese "retards". With this kind of behaviour is it any wonder we don"t get any respect? Talk about "soft power"?!!

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