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4.2-magnitude quake causes injuries, house damage in SW China


15:10, June 13, 2012

CHENGDU, June 13 (Xinhua) -- A 4.2-magnitude earthquake hit the border region of Sichuan and Yunnan provinces late on Tuesday, leaving two people with minor injuries and more than 70 houses damaged, local authorities said Wednesday.

The local government of Junlian county in Sichuan said the quake hit at 9:40 p.m. It had damaged 78 houses in Junlian, six of which had collapsed, causing minor injuries to two aged villagers in Tangba township.

The roads in Longtang village of Longzhen township had been blocked after a quake-triggered landslide, according to the government.

The injured have been sent to hospital and local officials are verifying the exact loss caused by the disaster.


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