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US visitor can add chengguan to resume

By Xu Wei and Feng Zhiwei (China Daily)

08:25, June 12, 2012

Josh Garcia, a temporary chengguan from the US, shows a pedestrian a sign saying "please do not jaywalk" in Zhuzhou, Hunan province, last week. (Yang Lingling / For China Daily)

Josh Garcia will leave Zhuzhou in Central China's Hunan province next week, with a uniform of chengguan, a urban management officer, a gift from the local urban management bureau for his temporary service there.

Garcia, 23, who comes from Cleveland, Tennessee, is in Zhuzhou to visit his girlfriend, a voluntary English teacher at a local middle school.

On Thursday, he took local residents by surprise when he appeared on the streets of Zhuzhou wearing a chengguan uniform and performing the duties of an urban management officer.

"Many people found it funny and stared and laughed at me. Some kids followed me around for a while, mimicking everything I did," he told China Daily.

"But the people we caught jaywalking were not as happy," he said.

His patrol lasted more than two hours in the afternoon and at the end of his service he received the uniform as a gift.

Garcia took up the job at the invitation of Yang Hao, the chief of urban management officers in the Shifeng district of the city, who is also his friend.

"We think it is a good practice to set up a friendly image of chengguan," he said.

"He is my best friend in China and I believe what he does is good for the city. So I did not hesitate," Garcia said.

Garcia said previously he was impressed by the city's old ladies who acted as assistants to urban management officers.

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