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Disrupted railway partly resumed in C China


13:26, June 11, 2012

CHANGSHA - Traffic on a major railway in Central China's Hunan province partly resumed at about 6 am on Monday morning, nearly 11 hours after the rail line was interrupted by flood-triggered landslide.

Heavy rains poured down and triggered landslide around 8 pm Sunday in Hunan, interrupted the Lianyuan section of Hukun Railway linking Shanghai to Kunming, in Hunan, according to sources with Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation.

Twelve passenger trains were delayed by the landslide, the sources said, adding that more than 50 meters of the railway were buried by the 4,000 cubic meters of landslide rocks.

More than 500 people and eight excavators were sent to clear the railway, and the up-direction service to Shanghai resumed on Monday morning.

Hukun Railway is a major rail line in Central China, linking Shanghai in East China, and Kunming, capital of Yunnan in Southwest China.


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