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6 bln patients treated at 1 mln hospitals, clinics

(Global Times)

08:22, June 07, 2012

China has close to 1 million registered medical institutions that saw 6.27 billion patient visits last year, up from 5.84 billion in 2010, according to a report released by the Ministry of Health yesterday.

Hospitals admitted 153 million patients who stayed at least one night, up from 142 million in 2010.

The country's medical institutions, which include hospitals and rural clinics grew to 954,389 from 936,927 in 2010.

The report on the country's health care development included information about the medical service system and an overview of infectious disease.

Of 3.24 million infectious disease cases reported last year, viral hepatitis ranked first among 28 officially-supervised diseases with 1.37 million cases, followed by 953,275 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, 395,182 cases of syphilis and 237,930 cases of dysentery.

Infectious diseases killed 15,246 people last year with AIDS accounting for 9,224 of the fatalities. The second deadliest infectious disease was pulmonary tuberculosis, which killed 2,840 people. It was followed by rabies, which killed 1,879 people.

Of the total number of patient visits, 36 percent were seen at 21,979 hospitals across the nation, which also accounted for treating 70.3 percent of inpatients. The country's 918,003 grass-roots healthcare institutions registered 60.7 percent of patient visits and treated 24.7 percent of those who were admitted.

The country's hospitals on average earned 58 million yuan ($9.11 million) income, of which 29 million yuan was from providing medical services and 23 million yuan was from the sale of drugs.


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