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Students want in the Party to pursue 'ideals and faith'

By Yang Jingjie (Global Times)

08:24, June 06, 2012

Almost 80 percent of college students who responded to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) hope to join the Communist Party of China (CPC).

The annual survey, now in its 21st year, was released on the MOE's website Monday. Students from 15 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities filled out questionnaires, and students in Shanghai participated in an online poll. The MOE did not indicate how many students participated in the survey.

The percentage of students wanting to become members of the CPC reflects survey results from previous years.

According to the survey, most students were motivated to join the Party so they could pursue "ideals and faith." The MOE did not indicate what other motivating factors were offered in the survey.

With more than 80 million members, roughly the population of Germany, the CPC is the world's largest political party.

Students who apply for membership are required to attend lectures, share their personal goals, hand in regular self-assessments, and be mentored by one or two Party members. The application process usually takes two years.

It is believed to be much easier to obtain Party membership while in college than it is after joining the workforce.

A senior researcher at the Party History Research Centre of the CPC Central Committee, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Global Times, it is important to examine the motives of the students.

"The students may have realized that the country's future is bound up with the CPC and they would like to make their dreams come true and shape the future of the country by joining the Party," he said.

The researcher said people should not blame students for harboring practical motives, calling them "understandable."

The MOE also concludes that the survey shows the ideological status of college students remains positive and healthy.

The vast majority of students said they are confident that the country will continue to rise and showed strong patriotism, noted the survey authors who did not provide results to support the conclusion.

The survey also noted that students who believe national and collective interests outweigh those of individuals increased over previous years.


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