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Why central enterprises always under fire for lack of social responsibility

(People's Daily Online)

16:16, June 05, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China's centrally-administered enterprises have played a leading role in promoting social and economic development, resource conservation, and environmental protection as well as in combating major natural disasters in recent years.

However, the public is far from being satisfied with them. Centrally-administered enterprises have been constantly under fire for their lack of social responsibility, which has often puzzled the enterprises and placed them in a passive position.

Best of a mediocre bunch

A study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences showed that of all companies in China, state-owned enterprises have performed far better than private and foreign-funded companies in fulfilling corporate social responsibilities.

Of all state-owned enterprises, centrally-administered enterprises have performed the best in this regard. State Grid Corporation, Sinopec Group, and other centrally-administered enterprises have not only fulfilled their social responsibilities through specific projects, but also made great efforts to promote institutional innovation.

Sinopec recently set up a social responsibility management committee entirely consisting of members of the board of directors, with Chairman Fu Chengyu as the head of the committee.

"The move is intended to facilitate the overall planning of our social responsibility management work, and promote the establishment of a company-wide social responsibility management system," said Zhou Quansheng, a senior executive at Sinopec.

Wang Yong, head of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, has praised centrally-administered enterprises for actively fulfilling social responsibilities. At a meeting attended by the heads of centrally-administered enterprises, he said that centrally-administered enterprises have done well in at least five areas. They have made great contribution to state revenue, implemented national macro-control policies, spared no effort to ensure stable market supplies, fully supported the development of livelihood projects, actively participated in poverty alleviation projects and assisting Tibet and Xinjiang, and played a key role in accomplishing urgent, difficult, and dangerous tasks.

Nevertheless, the central enterprises' performance of their social responsibilities is not optimistic at present.

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Read the Chinese version: 社会责任:央企与公众的误会在哪儿 Source: China Youth Daily, author: Dong Wei


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