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National Anti-drug Education Base leader visits Shougang Men's Basketball Team

By Yao Chun (People's Daily Online)

10:42, June 05, 2012

Dong Guang, the head of, an anti-drug web site of China, and Wang Yue, a famous anti-drug publicity volunteer took a photo with Min Lulei, instructor of Shougang Men's Basketball. (People’s Daily Online/ Yao chun)

On June 4, Dong Guang, leader of National Anti-drug Education Base and Wang Yue, a famous anti-drug volunteer paid a visit to Shougang Men's Basketball Team and awarded certificates of anti-drug volunteer propagandists for the basketball team members.

On June 2, Huang Keying, the deputy secretary of Beijing Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League of China honored Shougang Men's Basketball Team as anti-drug publicity unit and formally established anti-drug cooperation ties. On the same day, many team members including Ji Zhe, Xie Lishan, Fang Shuo, Han Chongkai, Men Wei, Chen Shidong and Yin Tianren were honered as anti-drug volunteer propagandists.

Min Lulei, instructor of Shou-gang Men's Basketball Team, said that he hoped everyone should keep away from drug and cherish our life.


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