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Baby abuser rebuked by netizens for her actions

(Global Times)

14:37, June 04, 2012

An intern nurse in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang Province, deleted all her Sina Weibo postings that showed her abusing and playing mean tricks on newborns in the hospital nursery.

A Weibo user named "ruoxinshouhushen" brought the intern's postings to wider public attention after she discovered abusive pictures on the Weibo account named by "xiaokaolaavi."

"As a mother, I could not stand this anymore and decided to expose it, despite the threat of retaliation," the Weibo user who blew the whistle said in a posting.

According to the Shanghai-based news portal, the intern, wearing blue hospital clothing, several times held a baby upside down. She also teased the babies, by pasting a drawing of a pig's nose on the newborn's face.

She also wrote mean spirited comments that accompanied the posted photos.

"I am pretty happy to see the end of this internship, haha. It's so not challenging to be an intern in pediatrics. Those stupid newborns have no idea how to fight back! How can they possibly sleep that well after wearing a pig nose?" reads one posting.

"The credibility of the health care service will be greatly tarnished by this, and our medical education system should undergo self-examination," said a Weibo user.

The public anger triggered by the incident has forced the intern to delete all the entries, leaving only a letter of apology saying that "she loves babies so much." Her mea culpa has not satisfied some supremely vexed netizens.


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