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Danger looms as drivers let fly

By Chen Xin (China Daily)

08:28, June 04, 2012

Screenshots from a camera on a bus show what happened when driver Wu Bin was hit by a flying piece of metal. The bus was on an expressway near Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on Tuesday. (Xinhua Photo)

Experts have reminded the public to be fully aware of the danger of flying objects on expressways, after a bus driver was killed by a flying piece of metal last week in East China.

Many drivers say they constantly see people throwing objects out of car windows on highways.

Wan Jiang, who regularly drives on the expressway between Southwest China's Chengdu and Chongqing municipality, said he often sees empty bottles, fruit peels or papers thrown out of other cars.

"Once I was astonished by an empty mineral water bottle flying out from a truck that was in front of me, so I suddenly and instinctively slammed on the brakes.

"Fortunately, the bottle did not hit my car and I was not rear-ended," he said.

"I worry a lot about plastic bags or papers thrown out of cars in front of me when driving on the expressway, because those objects might block my sight," said Wan.

"Drivers usually hit the brakes or swerve in such a case", which could easily cause an accident, Wan said.

China's road traffic safety law forbids passengers to toss objects from vehicles, with fines of 5 yuan (80 US cents) to 50 yuan. For drivers themselves, fines are 20 to 200 yuan.

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