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Boy with bird flu treated in HK as contacts traced


08:18, June 04, 2012

HONG Kong's health authority said yesterday that the two-year-old boy confirmed with bird flu on Saturday is receiving isolated treatment at Princess Margaret Hospital and his condition remains serious.

According to the health department's investigation, the boy had been to Anhui Province with his parents from May 20-22, where he had no direct poultry contact. He had visited a wet market with live poultry near his residence in Guangzhou in mid-May.

The department said it is continuing to trace the boy's contacts. Apart from his parents, the boy came into contact with patients in the private medical clinic in Mong Kok, ambulance personnel and people at Caritas Medical Center (CMC), totaling around 80 people.

Among them, two health-care workers from CMC developed respiratory symptoms, but their nasal samples tested negative for bird flu. Lab tests of the boy's parents, two health-care workers at the private clinic and another patient who attended the same clinic also tested negative.

The boy developed a fever and runny nose on May 23 in Guangdong. He went to Hong Kong on May 26 and sought medical aid at a private clinic in Mong Kok. Subsequently, he developed high-fever convulsions and was taken to the Accident and Emergency Department of Caritas Medical Center last Monday.


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