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Emotional farewell to hero bus driver in E China

By Wang Zhenghua (China Daily)

08:06, June 04, 2012

Bus driver Wu Bin's wife, Wang Lizhen (center), and relatives are overwhelmed by grief on Sunday. Wu's bravery captured the public's imagination. (Dong Xuming / for China Daily)

A bus driver who died after first protecting his passengers has been hailed as a hero by the public.

The driver, Wu Bin, 48, was struck by flying metal debris that smashed through his windscreen as he was driving the bus in Jiangsu province on Tuesday.

Despite suffering severe injuries, Wu managed to bring the vehicle to a halt, open the door and even reminded passengers to be careful as they were still on the highway, before passing out.

Wu died on Friday in hospital.

Experts believe that the debris flew off from a vehicle speeding in the opposite direction on May 29 and pierced the windscreen. The bus had 24 passengers and was traveling from Jiangsu's Wuxi to Hangzhou, capital of East China's Zhejiang province.

Because of Wu's presence of mind, all the passengers escaped injury.

His heroism, at a time when a number of well-publicized incidents seemed to suggest that the public's concern for their fellow citizens might have been eroded by a booming economy, received widespread publicity as it was clearly captured by on-board surveillance cameras.

The local authorities recognized Wu, who worked for Hangzhou Long-distance Transport Group, as a role model and hero.

"His life was ordinary but at the last moment he became a hero," said his older sister, Wu Bing. "He respected his parents and was a good father and a role model as a husband."

Police are investigating and the metal debris is being analyzed.

Wu's vehicle was traveling at 94 kilometers per hour along the highway when the 2.5-kilogram, 30-centimeter-long piece of metal suddenly smashed the windscreen and hit Wu, causing liver rupture and several rib fractures.

In great pain, Wu stopped the vehicle, put on the handbrake, switched on the alarm light and opened the door.

Wu then rose from his seat and told passengers to call the police. And he reminded passengers to be careful as they were still on the highway.

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bing at 2012-06-0550.98.16.*
He was a great driver... he managed to think of the passengers and could control the bus even when he was in great pain!RIP.
PD User at 2012-06-0558.41.85.*
The heroic Hangzhou bus driver Wu Bin (June 4, 2012) is one of countless concrete examples that Chinese moral culture is superior to Western secular culture. The Chinese moral culture is characterized by virtue, moderation and propriety. The Western secular culture is demonstrated by the love of money, power and sex. Wu Bin was a product of Chinese moral culture and understood his duty and responsibility; although he was unexpectedly and unfortunately hit hard by a piece of flying metal while driving on an express way, he endured the pain and agony and safely brought the big bus to a halt, and thus safeguarding the lives of all passengers. In his dying moments, he was concerned about the well-being of his passengers. Here I am proud of the Chinese hero and I salute Wu Bin. Also Wu Bin’s family refused to accept any charity or donation or foundation and stated they can take care of themselves –in comparison with the Western greedy, immoral and violent society, the hero Wu Bin and his noble family will be remembered for a thousand years. June 5, 2012
ming at 2012-06-04115.87.174.*
Great deed from ordinary people...We give you our wholehearted salute. May your soul fly to heaven and peace forever.

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