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Foreigners enjoy no 'super-national treatment' in China

By Zhuang Qinghong, Xu Wenmiao and Xu Xiaotong (China Youth Daily)

16:05, May 25, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

"A wicked foreign guy is molesting our Chinese girl!" several Chinese young men shouted angrily, while using their fists to stop a drunken foreigner from molesting a crying Chinese girl.

In the same week, Oleg Vedernikov, chief cellist with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, refused to withdraw his bare feet placed on the seat of a Chinese women passenger on a Shenyang-to-Beijing train, and later even swore at her. The Russian cellist denied having done so, when a train conductor intervened.

Both incidents have been videotaped with cell phones. The videos were posted online, and quickly aroused great rage in China. A poll launched by Zheng Yuanjie, China's "King of Fairytales," showed that over 94 percent of Chinese support "imposing stricter visa rules on foreigners and investigating their bank savings, real estate status, and job status." Only nearly 6 percent support "retaining current visa rules."

Amid the wave of anger against foreigners, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau launched a 100-day crackdown on foreigners illegally entering, residing, or working in the Chinese capital, which has attracted much media attention.

"Since more and more foreigners live in China, their criminal behaviors have become a social problem. But we cannot say that because he is a foreigner, he can slip through legal sanctions," said Ruan Qilin, professor of the Institute of Criminal Law under the China University of Political Science and Law.

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Read the Chinese version: 在华外国人没有“超国民待遇”


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Sad netizen at 2012-05-3065.95.204.*
Wow, the Chinese government is trying to create a hostile environment with its outdated xenophobic attitudes towards people that are not ethnic Chinese. They might as well say that all foreigners are long nosed devils. I thought that China was a progressive country. I guess that they are still the backward, intolerant, small minded people they were just fifty years ago.
Sam Teng at 2012-05-27175.136.52.*
China has adequate laws to charge anyone, locals or foreigners for breaking the laws. There must be adequate enforcement to implement these laws without fear or favor. The recent news about foreigners misbehaving in China has tainted the names of good foreigners in China. The reactions of the local Chinese to these shameful foreigners is normal and expected. Let"s view these happenings as a lesson to all while travelling in foreign countries. You are not only responsible for your actions but you are also responsible for carrying the good names of your countrymen.
Mark at 2012-05-26121.24.24.*
I am a 'foreigner' who arrived in 2007. I have been working steadily since my arrival. I knew before my arrival that I must abide by the laws of China. Also that as 'guest' in China, I should honor and respect traditions and customs. I believe foreigners who cannot abide by the law or respect the people, should be immediately dismissed from the country. This behavior should not be tolerated. I have seen too many foreigners in China whose behavior and pathetically arogant attitudes sickens me... they have absolutely no business being here.
PD User at 2012-05-26183.2.52.*
I hide foreigers!
PD User at 2012-05-2549.176.67.*
52 millions foreigners arrived in 2010 .let say 0.01% misbehave ,which is a very low figure that is equal to 52,000 causing problem. How can the society tolerated that ?It is critical that China should establish Law to manage this .Anyone living in the western world has to obey the Law of The Land.why should China tolerate that ? hong Kong and Singapore do not put up that nonsense .Read the book call Diplomacy A Singapore Experience.By S Jayakumar Strait Time Press. Western people see that non reaction as a weakness.Simply ,watch Bruce Lee movie The Fist of Fury .

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