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Stricter rules but China still welcomes foreigners


08:11, May 25, 2012

BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) -- Foreigners worry that China is becoming less friendly towards them after Beijing police recently announced a one-hundred-day campaign to curb the illegal entry, residence and employment of foreign nationals.

However, the campaign should be no threat to foreigners legally residing in the country.

The campaign, which will run until the end of August, will include household checks in Wangjing, Sanlitun and Wudaokou, areas of the city known for high concentrations of foreign residents, as well as on-the-spot street checks that will require foreigners to present valid identification.

Curbing illegal entry, residence and employment is, in fact, an international issue, which has bothered many developed countries for years.

Illegal entry, stay and work of foreigners in China not only poses difficulties for social management, but more importantly can lead to increased criminal activity, says Prof. Xiang Dang with Chinese People's Public Security University.

The announcement of the police campaign came after a video of a drunken British tourist allegedly assaulting a girl in Beijing was uploaded onto the Internet. Another online video of a Russian cellist putting his feet on the seat of a woman passenger in front of him and verbally abusing her has also recently caused outrage.

Chinese working and staying overseas are required to observe the local laws and regulations. Equally, China expects foreigners residing here to respect and obey Chinese laws and regulations.

With rapid economic growth over three decades, the country is attracting an ever-increasing number of foreigners coming to work and stay.

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Mark at 2012-05-26121.24.24.*
There should be no leniency to foreigners who commit crimes.
wende at 2012-05-2571.251.44.*
China should not appear apologetic to the ruling. Illegal aliens are illegal and therefore must be deported. The same is true with foreigners who had committed crime. They should also be deported after serving time or paid fines. I would hope that there should be no deadline on this matter and the net should cover the whole of China and not just some parts of Beijing. Also, China"s security should not publish their moves as illegal aliens will know where to hide.
peter ekström at 2012-05-25192.71.148.*
A very initiative china needs. competition over brains is global i hope the law will be succesful for china and its people and culture

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