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Reality behind documentary 'A Bite of China'

By Cao Lin (China Youth Daily)

15:56, May 24, 2012

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Recently, the documentary "A Bite of China" which takes the fine foods as the theme has beaten many TV series, becoming extremely popular on the microblog and turning into the hottest topic. Chinese people are proud of the profound food culture of China, and some even praise the documentary by saying that "it is a best patriotic video."

The public is sincerely touched by it. Maybe raising "loving the food" to the level of "loving the country" is a little improper, but it is a simple and sincere expression of the public. In addition to this documentary, there is also another "A Bite of China." Examining the two kinds of "A Bite of China" rationally may help us understand why this documentary is so popular.

The first "A Bite of China" is the large-scale documentary made by the CCTV. It shows delicious foods of various kinds and tells many warm stories. The other "A Bite of China" is the reality of countless food scandals reported China. The first one is sunny and touching and consists of the simplicity, warmness, beauty, attractiveness, humanism, tears of grandma, hands of mom and memories on the hometown. The other one is dark and dirty and consists of the toxic additive, hogwash oil, brightening agent, lean meat powder, pesticide residue on the vegetable, phosphor powder and trans fat.

Maybe neither of them can correctly reflect the true "food China." The daily life of the common Chinese people is not as beautiful and attractive as the fairyland-like documentary, and of course, is not as dirty and intolerable as the food scandals reported in the news either. The practical daily life in China is much more complex and various than the two kinds of "A Bite of China."

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