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Anger without losing sense a sign of maturity

By Guo Zhenhai (China Youth Daily)

08:03, May 17, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

A recent video which features a British national molesting a Chinese girl in Beijing and then being subdued by passers-by has become very popular on the Internet. The police arrived and took the man away and later, it was announced on "Ping'an Beijing," the official micro-blog of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, that the police have lawfully detained the man for questioning.

With the rapid dissemination of the video, the unacceptable behavior of the Briton was quickly interpreted as a foreigner bullying Chinese by netizens; this enticed a strong response to “beat foreigners out of China” and “beat them every time something similar happens."

The video has also caused much attention in the British media. Karma Phuntsho, an associate professor from the Department of Social Anthropology under the University of Cambridge, said in an interview that some Westerners do come to Asian countries as sex tourists and need to be monitored.

Phuntsho also said that although the man in the video displayed disgusting behavior for sexually assaulting the Chinese girl, the Chinese onlookers were not right to enforce the law, and the criminal should be punished according to the law.

Several British netizens who had been to China said that Chinese people are friendly and hospitable and if someone violates Chinese law, they should be brought to trial in China; they must accept the consequence regardless of their nationality.

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PD User at 2012-05-18115.133.79.*
Onlookers are no trained security personnel, how could he judge what degree of force is fair force, if any criminal got killed or injured, then bad luck, we mus remember when the criminal attack any civilians, they would not stop even the victim begged for mercy, why should we have mercy on these criminals.
wende at 2012-05-1771.255.83.*
Onlookers have the right to catch and subdue the criminals but should not exert more force once the criminals do not fight back. These criminals should then be turned over to the proper authority like police.
bindog88 at 2012-05-17219.130.147.*
stupid words..for bad foreign guy..

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