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State secrets defined and fleshed out

(Global Times)

13:46, May 16, 2012

People with criminal records and officials who have been sacked will not be eligible for government jobs that require security clearance, according to a notice released yesterday by the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council.

Based on the Law on Guarding State Secrets, the notice also stipulates that those with addictions will not be considered for posts that require the handling of confidential information.

The notice clarifies under what circumstances State Secrets may be undermined.

An official from the office said clearly defining "State secrets" is a prerequisite for holding those who leak confidential matters accountable.

According to the notice, enterprises and institutions should pass a vetting process before engaging in confidential government business.

It also makes a list of requirements for those enterprises to gain required security clearance.

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress passed the revised version of the Law on Guarding State Secrets in April 2010, the first time it was amended since it was passed in September 1988.


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