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Lingering drought dries rivers, reservoirs in S China


08:34, May 16, 2012

KUNMING, May 15 (Xinhua) -- A lingering drought has resulted in below-average water levels in 549 small and mid-size rivers and has left 673 small reservoirs dry in south China's Yunnan province, provincial drought relief authorities said Tuesday.

Affected by the drought, the total water inflow volume into all river courses in Yunnan is about 31 percent below the annual average, according to the Yunnan provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters.

To date, the Yunnan provincial government has earmarked 2.552 billion yuan (about 404 million U.S. dollars) as drought relief funds.

To date, the drinking water shortage has been temporarily solved for over 5.56 million people and 2.7 million large heads of livestock, said the headquarters.

As of May 8, the severe drought had affected 8.97 million people and destroyed more than 12.63 million mu (about 842,000 hectares) of cropland.


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