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Riding club's horse collides with car

By Dong Zhen (Shanghai Daily)

08:21, May 14, 2012

A runaway horse from a riding club in Songjiang District faced euthanasia after it was seriously injured when it collided with a car Saturday afternoon.

The driver was unhurt but the car's front was badly dented. The accident took place about 5pm on Saturday at Chenta and Chenhua roads in Songjiang.

A witness posted photos online showing a club worker mounted on another horse had chased the animal, which after the collision was lying beside the car in the middle of the intersection, blood foaming from its mouth. The tragic scene prompted online calls for more safety precautions in light of the city's booming horse-riding activities.

The Chenshan 517 Horse Riding Club told Shanghai Daily yesterday that the horse suffered heavy blows to the head. They were making efforts to save its life. But considering the degree of trauma, the vets would likely decide euthanasia was more humane, officials said.

Workers said a customer who was a rider was allowing the horse to eat grass along a sidewalk. It got loose and dashed towards heavily traveled streets.

"The uncontrolled horse ran wildly and the rider chased after closely. We expected it would make a turn at the red light, but it still ended up being hit by a car there. It struggled to stand up with blood foaming from its nose and mouth. Pray it could survive," wrote the witness known on Weibo as Xiao Mo Joy, who posted the photos.

Traffic police said they were still investigating. They said horse-riding is not allowed on local public roads.

The Chenshan club says it has 300 members and raises 25 horses. Riding clubs like this have sprouted in the suburbs in recent years in response to booming demand. Members visit the clubs on weekends to ride, and the richest often board their own horses there.

Police have not said whether the riding club would be fined for failing to control the horse hurt in the crash.


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