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Chinese sailors' ‘killer' in Beijing

By Huang Jingjing (Global Times)

08:07, May 11, 2012

Naw Kham (2nd R, front), a drug lord suspected of masterminding the murder of 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River last year, is escorted to get off the plane in Beijing, capital of China, May 10, 2012.(Xinhua Photo)

A notorious "Golden Triangle" drug lord was brought to Beijing from Laos yesterday to face questioning over his role in the murder of 13 Chinese crew members of two cargo boats on the Meikong River in Thailand last year.

Jai Norkham, 43, who is from Myanmar, was captured on April 26 in Laos. Shackled hand and foot, Norkham's charter plane landed in Beijing and he was whisked away by a large contingent of heavily armed SWAT team members. His arrival yesterday afternoon was televised live by CCTV.

Liu Yuejin, director of the Drug Control Bureau of the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, took custody of Norkham from his Lao counterpart at the Wattay International Airport in Laos.

"The evidence shows Norkham was a ringleader of an armed drug gang in the 'Golden Triangle' area of the Mekong River. He plotted with some Thai solders to kill the 13 Chinese crew members," said Liu.

Norkham was shown affixing his thumb print to what authorities said was his arrest warrant. They have not said what crime he was charged with or if he will be put on trial in China.

After questioning in Beijing, Norkham will be sent to Yunnan Province for further interrogation. Yunnan police set up a special investigation team after last October's brutal killings of Chinese, according to CCTV.

Reports from Thailand suggest that authorities there expect Norkham will be transferred to their custody later.

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Sam Teng at 2012-05-12175.139.82.*
The arrest of the suspected ringleader of the gang that killed innocent Chinese sailors is proof that regional cooperation can contribute significantly to fight organized crimes in the region. The culprit, if found guilty should be punished as severely as the crimes he committed.

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