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Shanghai tops most competitive ranking list

By Liang Yiwen (Shanghai Daily)

08:30, May 10, 2012

Shanghai tops the international trading competitiveness ranking on China's mainland but the city trails others in its trading growth potential due to weakness in the e-commerce business.

Shenzhen and Beijing rank second and third among 33 mainland cities evaluated in a report released yesterday by the Institute of World Expo Economy at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Shanghai's trading growth potential ranks No. 4 mainly due to the city's weak e-commerce business. The top three in this area are Guangzhou, Xiamen and Shenzhen.

Sun Yuanxin, the institute's deputy dean, said Shanghai's excellent traditional commerce chain has limited its e-commerce development.

He said some cities with small gross domestic product posted rapid development in their e-commerce and information services.

"The city (Shanghai) needs to introduce more incentives to attract the promising e-commerce enterprises," Sun pointed out.


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