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Sina looks to guide microblog user behavior


08:08, May 10, 2012

BEIJING, May 9 (Xinhua) -- China's leading microblog site,, issued the country's first "community convention" Tuesday which clarified users' behavior norms and a mechanism of net management.

The convention stressed that users should respect others' rights of not being disturbed and should not defame and insult others.

Microblog users should cite the original sources of their reposts and should not release false information, the convention said.

On the same day, the site also issued another regulation and a community committee system on the management of microblogs with all the three papers to be put into use on May 28.

The regulation made a clear range over irregularities, including releasing harmful and false information and comments that will arouse disputes among the users.

The site will welcome reports on illegal users from the netizens who have verified their identities as well as inspection of illegal information, the regulation said.

Officials with said all of the clauses are aimed to construct a healthier net environment, maintaining net community order and better protecting the legal rights of the users.

By 7 p.m. Wednesday, more than 28,000 comments had been made under the post of the three papers which has been reposted more than 12,000 times.

Scores of users left simple expressions, including smiling faces, victory gestures, green trees in mild wind and nodding heads to support the coming out of the three papers, and some users wrote a couple of words to favor the policies.

Aichongxiaozuzi, wrote the released documents will help to clear those users who take advantage of the site to make money such as selling 1,000 fans at 2 yuan.

Hongyesuyuan wrote that a polite environment should be set up with the convention abided by and all the users should publish posts justly.

However, some argue that the convention may limit free speech.

Bai Yunfeng, chairman with the China Power Conservation and Environment Protection, said that microblogs have mixed into people's daily lives and norms must be established to maintain the order.

"We should oppose rumors and false information while enjoying transparent information, and resist attacks and abuses while enjoying the freedom of speech," Bai added.

Chen Xu, director with Beijing based Longan Law Firm, said that a community norm is necessary to be built for the fast development of microblogs, and the norms should be supervised by the public.

In late March 2012, famous Hong Kong film star Fanny Shu received insults as a dispute started between two male film stars. She delete all her posts at


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