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Act of bravery spurs act of kindness

By An Baijie,Shi Baoyin (China Daily)

09:23, May 08, 2012

A technician (second left) explains how to operate a tractor to Chen Guihua (second right), her younger son Li Junwei (left) and David Bowers, an Australian working in China, at Chen’s home in Suiping, Henan province, on Monday. Bowers donated the tractor to Chen’s family. (Shi Baoyin/ China Daily)

An Australian man was so moved by a news report on a woman struggling to get by after her husband drowned rescuing people from a river that he donated a tractor to her.

David Bowers read in a China Daily report on Feb 1 about Li Guoxi, 58, a villager in Suiping county, Henan province, who died saving a mother and two children from a cold river in late January. Li's wife, Chen Guihua, 55, was having difficulty making ends meet, the report said.

Chen said she could earn about 4,000 ($635) a year by selling crops she grew, but that it wasn't enough. She relied on her two adult sons to support her.

Bowers, who works for an Australian construction company on a job in Beijing, wanted to help, and he contacted the reporter.

"I'm not wealthy," he said. "I just want to show my respect for the man. He saved three lives - not all of us could do that."

"I want to buy something for the family, not give them money directly, because after a while it would be gone without a lasting effect," he said. "I want give them something that would remain, even after three or five years."

The family needed a new tractor, said Li Junyang, Chen's older son.

Bowers was told originally that the price of the tractor would be 6,000 yuan, but further investigation showed the real cost would be at least 10,000 yuan.

YTO Group, one of China's biggest tractor manufacturers, agreed to sell one of its most advanced tractors, valued at 30,000 yuan, for 6,000 yuan.

Chen Lin, director of a YTO assembly factory, said that in addition to lowering the cost of the tractor, YTO would donate a plough to the family that could be attached to the back. The company also threw in a protective cover to shield the farm vehicle from snow and rain.

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