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Pregnant woman sent back from HK to Beijing

By Wei Ran  (Shanghai Daily)

08:06, May 04, 2012

A pregnant woman who arrived in Hong Kong with a tour group earlier this week was told to return to Beijing by immigration officials.

It was the first such reported case since Hong Kong announced it was to ban Chinese mainland women from giving birth on the island due to strained medical resources.

The woman, whose baby is due in July, was in a tourist group which left Beijing for Hong Kong at the end of April. She is from Beijing's neighboring province of Hebei. On her arrival, officials ordered her to leave by train, yesterday's Beijing Evening News reported.

On April 25, Hong Kong's Secretary for Food and Health York Chow announced that the city's hospitals would stop admitting pregnant non-local women married to non-local men from next year.

Hong Kong has seen a rising number of complaints about non-local women using its limited medical resources.

The Apple Daily newspaper published a full-page advertisement early this year accusing women from the mainland of being "locusts" feeding on the city's public services.

"Hong Kong people have had enough!" the ad proclaimed in large Chinese characters beside a picture of a giant locust on a hill overlooking Hong Kong's skyscrapers and harbor. "Stop the invasion of mainland mothers," it added.

Mainland women were choosing to give birth in Hong Kong partly to circumvent China's one-child policy but also to gain free education and the right to live in one of China's most developed and wealthiest cities.


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