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How to deal with 70,000 boxes of defective Coke?

By Ji Ye (People's Daily)

13:32, May 03, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

After the investigation and survey by the media and supervision department about the incident of chlorine-contained Coke from April 17 to April 28, the Coca-Cola Company, which previously denied that the chlorine is added to Coke, finally admitted that parts of its products contain chlorine.

In addition to simple apology, the Coca-Cola Company just guaranteed that the 76,000 boxes of chlorine-contained Coke in the market are not harmful to human body. We cannot see any sincerity from the apology but arrogance.

The Coca-Cola Company appeared to be very confident throughout the whole incident these days. Just as what the official of Shanxi quality supervision department said in an interview, the Coca-Cola Company underestimated the determination and ability of our government and the ability of ordinary people to distinguish right from wrong.

Why is the Coca-Cola Company so arrogant?

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