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Crackdown to boost high-speed railway safety

By Zha Minjie (Xinhua)

09:17, May 03, 2012

Two gas and fuel compounds in Shanghai that endanger the safe operation of the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway have been ordered to be renovated or removed this year, the local work safety authority said yesterday.

The gas and fuel facilities in the compounds, both in suburban Jiading District, are located too close to the tracks, officials said.

Vice Mayor Ai Baojun said the government "will strengthen crackdown on projects and sites that are potential dangers."

The city government has this year targeted nine projects which are deemed to have a huge potential for accidents.

A gas supply station, which has a 196-square-meter storage for liquid gas cylinders, is only 50 meters from the Beijing-Shanghai rail line, according to the work safety administration.

The station, first built in 1996, is about 15 meters from the Shanghai-Nanjing rail line, near the Beijing-Shanghai line, officials said.

In another place, two private companies, affiliated to the West Shanghai Group, have two tanks, in which 160 tons of diesel fuel is stored, more than 100 meters from the Beijing-Shanghai railway.

The work safety administration has demanded that "barriers and explosion-proof equipment be added at the sites."


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