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Drinks tainted with chlorine in Coca-Cola recall

By Lu Feiran  (Shanghai Daily)

08:01, May 03, 2012

Coca-Cola Shanxi Beverages Co Ltd yesterday began recalling products produced between February 4 to 8 because they contained chlorine.

According to a statement yesterday, although the company insisted the products were safe and complied with Chinese standards, it understood the genuine concern expressed by consumers and had thus decided to replace the questioned products manufactured in the Shanxi plant with new products. The problematic products, as well as those which had been sealed by authorities, are to be destroyed.

Nine batches of soft drink produced by the Shanxi bottling plant were involved, but the company didn't identify them.

Coca-Cola Shanxi said the products were only sold in Shanxi Province. The statement didn't say how it would deal with products which consumers had drunk or how it would manage refunds.

The beverage giant's bottling plant in Shanxi was asked to suspend production and take corrective action last Saturday by Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision after it investigated news reports that said some products made in the plant on a certain date were mixed with chlorine.

The bureau said its investigation showed that a media report about the chlorine scandal was true, and officials also found that manufacturing conditions at the facility failed to meet required standards. More than 70,000 cases of tainted products had entered the market.

The company said earlier that water which contained small amounts of chlorine had mixed with water used for producing drinks during pipe refitting on February 3.


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