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Over 21,000 cases of irregularities investigated in construction projects


08:15, April 28, 2012

BEIJING, April 27 (Xinhua) -- China has investigated and handled more than 21,000 cases of irregularities in construction projects in the last three years, according to a statement issued Friday by a leading group under the central authorities that handles irregularities in the sector.

Among the 21,766 cases, 3,305, or 15.2 percent, occurred during the bidding process for construction projects. The country carried out a nationwide campaign to crack down on corruption in government-led construction projects in 2009, the statement said.

The group said that corruption tends to occur in the construction sector during the bidding process. Corruption in this sector includes interfering with the bidding process, insider trading and cheating.

The group also urged all relevant departments to carry out further investigations to crack down on irregularities in the construction sector in accordance with relevant laws.

Moreover, cadres who misuse authority and interfere with the bidding process should be severely dealt with, and an effective, long-term mechanism should be set up in order to stop corruption at the source, the group said.


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