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Man shot dead after attacking police in Guangdong

By Wei Ran (Shanghai Daily)

15:39, April 27, 2012

A MAN in Guangdong Province was shot dead by police yesterday morning after he chased and attacked police officers, Nanfang Daily reported.

The man, surnamed Dong, 29, threw bricks early in the morning from the third floor of the building he lived in, the report said. A neighbor called the police after the bricks broke his roof and fell into his home.

Dong refused to speak with officers and started throwing bricks at police, according to the report. The deputy director of Chengnan Police Station, surnamed Xian, ordered officers to shoot Dong after police fired several warning shots, which failed to stop him. The man was gunned down when he attempted to beat the officers with a rod, according to the police.

He died in a hospital after emergency treatment failed.

Dong was convicted of intentional injury in 2004 and theft in 2007. He served prison sentences for both crimes. He was also detained two years ago for taking illegal drugs.

Police are still investigating the case.


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