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22m Chinese seek immigration to US: study

By Huang Jingjing (Global Times)

08:13, April 24, 2012

Analysts have called for more measures to stop the outflow of talents and wealth after a US study claimed that about 22 million people in China want to leave for the US permanently.

The findings by Gallup showed that about 13 percent of the world's adults - or more than 640 million people - say they would like to leave their country permanently.

The US is the most desired destination for worldwide potential emigrants, and about 23 percent of them, or roughly 150 million people, want to move there, including 22 million from China, followed by Nigeria with 15 million and India with 10 million.

According to the Gallup website, the results are based on aggregated telephone and face-to-face interviews with 452,199 people, aged 15 and older, in 151 countries and regions from 2009 to 2011.

The findings have sparked a mixed response from Chinese people, with some skeptical about the data.

"The survey cannot reflect the real picture in China," said He Weiwen, a co-director of the China-US-EU Study Center under the China Association of International Trade, citing the poll's inadequate selection methods.

A staff member surnamed Xue from the Beijing-based Jade Group, which provides immigration services, told the Global Times that most people who immigrate to the US are above 35 years old and have more than 10 million yuan ($1.59 million) in asset.

"They are younger than those who emigrated 10 years ago," Xue said, noting that more senior executives have chosen to immigrate to the US.

Statistics from the US government showed that Chinese immigrant numbers to the country are rising.

In 2011, the world's largest economy, with a per capita GDP of $48,100, granted green cards to more than 1.06 million immigrants. Among them, 87,000 were from China, 16,000 more than in 2010.

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Ziu at 2012-04-2924.215.200.*
The Central Government must base China"s development on the Human Development Index to an advanced level. China should create an environment so that Chinese stay in China instead of going abroad to seek opportunities.
PD User at 2012-04-27183.39.39.*
Many local Chinese thought/think they were/are being caged and not seeing enough the world scenarios tend to blame China's outlook and domestic world of China, ignorantly, (* yet, many millions had been abroad by the way *). These folks need to know that foreign countries are 'blocking many from entering their countries with restrictions and immigrant quotas'. Just being damn silly to blame their own China. See the meaning of restrictions to Chinese entries for whatever reasons? Fears of overstaying and stealing jobs as had been experienced and racism issues at large!! China can afford 500 million to leave for sure as one sees it; and by then China should be a better place to live, absolutely a certainty, down to just 1 billion loyal Chinese in China on a quick and peaceful turnaround is simply fantastic!!!
PD User at 2012-04-27110.175.8.*
Going to live in a country with the highest criminal numbers in the world, not to mention the large ownerships of legal and illegal firearms, I don't think is better. Is US grass greener? No! I have been there many times and I hate to live there.
PD User at 2012-04-24110.33.100.*
despites US's hostilities towards china, many stupid Chinese still think of moving there. Let these stupid Chinese go whereever they want,these stupids' staying in China will only hinder China's development by depleting precious resources better utilised for Chinese citizens who want to stay and help advance China.
Canada at 2012-04-2470.36.49.*
Reported today that 1 in 2 U.S. students are unemployed or underemployed [working at low income job, not what they were educated for], and they face paying off large education debts. The U.S. is vastly overrated. On the bottom of my list of any developed or developing country I would want to live in. Immigrants believe the U.S. hype that it's a great country. An illness can bankrupt you.

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