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Elderly gather in parks to arrange dates for children


12:41, April 21, 2012

BEIJING, April 21 (Xinhua) -- Some of Beijing's senior citizens have taken it upon themselves to arrange romantic encounters for their offspring, having grown tired of waiting for their children to marry and produce grandchildren.

In one corner of the Temple of the Heaven park, a "dating fair" organized by elderly residents has recently been held on weekend mornings. The fair is busier during holidays.

Senior citizens who live near the park come on weekends to put up posters featuring their children's age, job status and educational background. Some of the posters also feature photos, as some of the elderly parents believe eye-catching snapshots are the best way to attract attention.

Expectations for future partners are also sometimes listed, including incomes, housing status and whether or not the prospective spouse owns a car.

Local resident Zhang Yang, 28, has perused the posters in the park two times so far to look for possible dates. He said that he hopes his future wife will be younger than him and have a decent job.

Zhang said the senior citizens often chat with each other and exchange information about their families, which sometimes leads to them swapping contact information for their children.

"At this park, parents of women come to look for future sons-in-law. Girls with good looks and stable jobs are the most popular," Zhang said.

Those who choose to swap information pass it on to their children, who will then go on dates to see if they are genuinely compatible, Zhang said.

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