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Body parts found strewn along passage

(Global Times)

13:49, April 20, 2012

Local police suspect that a costly drunken misstep caused the brutal death of a 27-year old man, whose dismembered body was discovered along the Wuzhong Road passage shortly before the morning rush hour started Thursday.

The body parts, which belong to a man identified by his surname, Guo, were found around 6:45 am by commuters. The situation forced traffic police to block off the passage and other roads close by almost a half hour later for about two hours, causing major traffic jams in the area.

Police Thursday ruled out murder as the cause of death, saying that the man is believed to fallen while intoxicated as he was climbing along the top of the passage to cross over to nearby Hongxu Road.

Upon falling, his body was likely ran over by vehicles moving at high speeds, according to the preliminary findings of an investigation, said police. But, the case remains under investigation, said authorities.

The initial details on the case were released by police Thursday, after witnesses shared photos of the scene on their microblogs earlier – posts that were circulated more than 2,000 times on Sina Weibo in the span of several hours.

The initial investigation results conflicted with previous online rumors; some said that Guo was tossed out of a moving van, while others said that he had committed suicide.


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