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New agreement over airport security, service reached

By Zhang Zhilong (Global Times)

08:46, April 19, 2012

In response to increasing disputes between flight passengers and airline carriers, an agreement was signed yesterday between the capital airport police and the passenger service center.

The agreement, reached between the police station at Terminal 3 of the Beijing Capital International Airport and the passenger service center under Air China's ground service department, focuses on how to provide services to passengers while guaranteeing their safety.

According to the agreement, passenger airlines should improve their channels of information release and increase service counters when flight delays occur. Meanwhile, police authorities are required to strengthen their police force to maintain airport order and make sure conflicts are resolved in a timely fashion.

The joint move came after two recent disputes caused by flight delays aroused public attention. In one case passengers rushed onto a tarmac to stop a plane in Shanghai on April 11, and then a similar incident occurred in Guangzhou two days later.

"Passengers' tolerance has decreased, and that's why conflicts happen more often," Guan Yin, vice director of the police station, said yesterday.

On July 15 last year, five policemen were hit by passengers who were delayed for over 20 hours and sustained injuries at the Shenzhen airport, according to a report by China Central Television on Saturday.

"The most important thing is trying to prevent such incidents from happening rather than working out reaction measures by using police force," Zhang Qihuai, an aviation law expert with the China University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times yesterday.

He added that what passengers want is good service.

"Police can't meet passengers' requirements caused by delays," said Zhang.


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