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Ex-Olympic champion under fire for second child

By Yang Jingjie (Global Times)

08:26, April 19, 2012

(Tian Liang)

Authorities in Shaanxi Province are working with their counterparts in Beijing on an investigation into a former Olympic diving gold medalist's alleged violation of the one-child policy by arranging the birth of his second child in Hong Kong.

"We have learned that Tian Liang's hukou (household registration) is in Beijing, so we need to coordinate with departments in Beijing to handle the case," an official with the Shaanxi Population and Family Planning Commission told the Global Times on condition of anonymity.

The commission said it would reveal the result of a probe on whether Tian and his wife were eligible for a second child or whether they had violated the policy.

An official with the Shaanxi Swimming Administration Center (SAC) told the Xinhua News Agency Wednesday that they would work with Tian to collect the right information for the investigation.

Tian, 32, who won the gold in the 10-meter platform diving event at the 2000 Sydney Games and another for the synchronized 10-meter platform diving event at the 2004 Athens Games, retired as a diver in 2007 and became an actor.

Tian's first child was born in 2008. He welcomed his second child, a boy, in Hong Kong earlier this year, and since faced accusations of violating the one-child policy.

The mainland adopted the policy in the late 1970s to contain the fast growth of its population. Authorities have loosened the regulation, allowing eligible couples, including parents who are only children themselves, to have a second child.

Yangtze Evening News said last week that Tian, who is not an only child, had been stripped of his Party membership and dismissed from the post of deputy director of the Shaanxi SAC for violating the policy.

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Francisco J Lee at 2012-04-2165.208.187.*
I think the one child police should be reconsidered. By now, I think personal economy and aspirations of individuals for a higher quality of life, for the parents and for their children, will take care of population control, without the judicial system interference.
alex at 2012-04-21110.55.251.*
I think China should allow Olympic gold medalists the right to produce more children. Let them spread their genes. That would greatly enhance our chances of winning by increasing available talents.

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