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China probes airport incidents over flight delays


08:02, April 16, 2012

BEIJING, April 15 (Xinhua) -- China's aviation authority said Sunday it is investigating two airport incidents related to passenger's fury over flight delays, urging the whole industry to improve post-delay services.

An unnamed official with the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) told Xinhua that passengers rushing into airports' flight control areas violates law and jeopardizing their own safety, hoping passengers will take rational approach to protect their interests.

On April 11, 28 passengers of the Shenzhen Airlines rushed into the tarmac of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport in discontent of their treatment after their flight had been delayed due to thunderstorm.

The incident caused no casualties but disrupted the landing of a flight of the Emirates Airline. Passengers were persuaded to return to the boarding gates later.

Sources with the Shenzhen Airlines said the company found no other ways to appease the ultra-emotional passengers but to compensate 1,000 yuan for each of the affected.

On April 13, a number of passengers of the Hainan Airlines rushed into the tarmac of the Baiyun Airport of Guangzhou after heavy rains delayed flights.

CAA official told Xinhua that the administration has alerted the local authorities to better handle the delay cases, as the stormy weather is frequent recently.


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