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China Focus: Student's speech against education system causes sensation


13:52, April 15, 2012

NANJING, April 15 (Xinhua) -- After making an impassioned speech attacking China's exam-oriented education system, a teenager from east China's Jiangsu province has found himself in the national spotlight.

The speech, which has fuelled debate across the country last week, took place on April 9, when students and teachers at Qidong city's Huilong High School had gathered for a weekly flag-raising ceremony. One youngster had been selected to speak in front of the 3,000-strong audience.

The speaker, senior two student Jiang Chengbo, stepped up to the microphone and began, "Investigation has shown Chinese students rank at the bottom of the world in terms of calculation ability and creativity."

"Some of us live in jealousy, " he went on. "They are jealous of those who score higher in exams... Some of us live in loneliness. They bury themselves in doing exercises so that they don't have any good friends.

"We cannot feel the love of parents, for they are either at work or pushing us to prepare for exams... We cannot feel the respect of teachers, for they are always forcing us to study for their enrolment rates..."

Jiang's act came as a big surprise for the faculty, as he had boldly replaced an original speech approved by his teacher with one that was rebellious, potentially irritating to school authorities.

On the other hand, the speech has drawn plaudits from students and internet users, hitting a nerve on the controversial topic of whether Chinese students spend too long on an examination treadmill.

A fellow student of Jiang said on condition of anonymity that their life is colorless and they do not have an all-round development, for "scores are everything."

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