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More Chinese inked in English

By Tiffany Tan and Zhao Ruixue (China Daily)

10:13, April 14, 2012

Wang Shuang dedicates her latest tattoo to her 2-year-old daughter. (Geng Feifei / China Daily)

Wang Shuang has a cross on her upper right arm, an eye on her right wrist, a butterfly on her left wrist, a lotus on her lower back and a dragon coiled around the length of her right arm.

For her sixth tattoo, the 26-year-old had "My Baby M" inscribed above her left breast.

It was dedicated to her 2-year-old daughter Man.

But how would the phrase come across to a stranger who saw the cursive script peeking out of Wang's top? Would they think it was the name of a lover, a tribute to an idol or some sort of code? To the majority of Chinese who can't read English, the words would definitely seem cryptic.

Yet such an air of mystery surrounding the language actually seals the deal for the growing number of young Chinese getting body ink.

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Giur at 2012-04-3024.215.200.*
Tattoos are to be banned in China as tattoos are a manifestation of self-mutilation. The human body is to be kept clean. The Central Government must take steps to outlaw this habit.
Canada at 2012-04-1570.36.49.*
Tattoos popular here too, but why do people want to mutilate themselves?
perpetual infinity at 2012-04-14116.203.208.*
why no news today.same old news what is this.

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