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Target met in going green with rubbish

By Cai Wenjun   (Shanghai Daily)

09:31, April 12, 2012

Shanghai achieved its goal of reducing the amount of rubbish that needs to be processed by 5 percent last year after launching a waste-reduction campaign in 1,080 residential complexes as trials, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau said yesterday.

Compared with 2010, Shanghai reduced 816 tons of non-industrial rubbish every day last year.

The bureau said the city will promote the campaign to another 1,050 sites this year, including residential complexes, government facilities, schools, parks, wet markets and companies in order to realize a further 5 percent reduction. That translates to an average reduction of 0.74 kilograms of rubbish per person per day.

"Rubbish sorting for reuse and recycling is a key step for rubbish reduction and environmental protection," said Guo Hua from the sanitation bureau. "We have much space for improvement in the city."

Under a plan announced in late 2010, Shanghai will reduce the amount of rubbish that must be processed - burned or put in landfills - by 5 percent annually starting in 2011.

The goal is to reach at least a 20 percent reduction by 2015 and a 50 percent cut by 2020. The goal for non-industrial rubbish is much more ambitious: 95 percent should undergo green processing by 2015.


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