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Over 200 apply for 20 trash-sorter jobs

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08:26, April 12, 2012

The administrative committee of urban management of Guangzhou, which has 20 vacancies for garbage classifiers, attracted more than 200 candidates on its first recruitment day in the Guangdong provincial capital on Monday.

It means that more than 10 candidates will have to compete for each vacancy.

The southern metropolis, which is now being surrounded by rapidly increasing household waste, plans to introduce a new garbage-sorting system to help reduce the amount of trash, said Bao Lunjun, chief engineer of the Guangzhou administrative committee of urban management.

To this end, the city's government decided to advertize for garbage classifiers in the city's 12 districts and suburban towns before the end of the year.

Four streets in Tianhe district, in a commercial center in Guangzhou, took the lead in advertizing 20 garbage-classifying positions this week.

According to Bao, Guangzhou plans to be able to deal with more than 15,000 tons of garbage a day to help settle the garbage crisis by 2015. The city can now handle about 12,000 tons of garbage a day.

"Sorting the garbage for recycling will be an effective way to reduce the amount of garbage in the future," Bao said.

Yu Shangfeng, an official in charge of the garbage-sorting department under the committee, said: "Every neighborhood will have garbage classifiers to help sort the garbage, guide locals to classify the waste and promote the city's garbage-sorting system." Currently the committee offers a monthly salary of at least 4,000 yuan ($635) to a garbage classifier.

All the candidates are required to be college graduates, or above, said Yu.

And now the candidates that have applied for the vacancies include postgraduates, he added.

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