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'Good samaritan' appeals against taxi service fine

By Wei Ran   (Shanghai Daily)

08:53, April 11, 2012

A retiree in eastern Anhui Province has appealed against a 30,000-yuan (US$4,755) fine for running an illegal taxi service, claiming he was simply a good samaritan.

Li Rongshou, 67, said he was approached by a woman outside a hospital in Hefei, the provincial capital, three years ago, China Youth Daily reported yesterday.

He said the woman asked for a lift on his motorcycle as she could not find a taxi.

Li agreed but was stopped by the city's law enforcement officials, accused of running an illegal taxi business and had his motorcycle confiscated.

"I didn't take any money. I just gave her a free ride," Li told law enforcement officials, according to the report.

To back-up his story, Li is said to have emptied his pockets in front of officials.

But the officials considered it odd that Li was taking a stranger on his motorcycle and believed a fee must have been agreed. Li denied any such arrangement.

"In court I learned that the evidence against me was no more than a woman's video testimony.

"The woman in the footage claims a fee was arranged," said Li.

However, Li insists the woman in the video is not his passenger.

"She is not the one I took. This girl is in her 20s and a little chubby. The lady I gave a lift to was thinner and about 30 years old."

In 2010, Li lost his second appeal at the Hefei Intermediate People's Court.

However, has now he submitted his case to the Anhui Higher People's Court.


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