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Guangzhou to increase PM2.5 monitoring sites

By Du Juan (Guangzhou Daily)

16:33, April 10, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Guangzhou will gradually increase its environment and air quality monitoring sites and improve its monitoring network, and meanwhile will also improve the content and form of the air quality issuance to give more convenient guidelines to residents, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection said on April 8.

Currently, the PM2.5 data issued by Guangzhou are only a simple datasheet listing real-time data of the three pollutants of PM2.5, ozone and carbon monoxide. Many residents say that the datasheet is too “professional” and “hard to understand.” By comparison, the air quality monitoring result of the Pearl River Delta issued by the Department of Environmental Protection of Guangzhou Province is much direct and straight. Not only every monitoring site could be found on the map, but also users could check out the air quality of every place according to the map. In addition, all values are issued with explanations and limiting values set by China.

The Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Environmental Protection said its next step will be improving the content and form of air quality issuance according to new national standards and the public's requirements. Besides, the current air quality information issuances, including the PM2.5 information issuance, do not support such PC terminals as the mobile phone and Linux system, and therefore they suggest increasing air quality information issuance channels so that residents will have more channels to learn about the air quality.

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John at 2012-04-1160.18.110.*
OK, now you will monitor air pollution using the 2.5 standard. Are you going to fix the air pollution or just better inform people of what they are dying from.

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