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Policies lure overseas talents for Shanghai Pudong

By Wang Zhiyan (Jiefang Daily)

13:47, April 10, 2012

Edited and translated by Li Kunlun, People's Daily Online

Shanghai's Pudong New Area yesterday unveiled the first 11 overseas talents it attracted for emerging industries under the “100 talents program”.

The program was officially launched in 2011, aiming to introduce 100 overseas talents who master core technology and are familiar with international rules in five to 10 years. The talents recruited will enjoy a wide range of preferential policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. They will receive 1 million yuan as general assistance, including 500,000 yuan as one-time award and another 500,000 yuan as home subsidy. Qualified entrepreneurial team will also receive 500,000 yuan for team building. At the same time, relevant departments will also step up its comprehensive supporting services for talents.

Most of the 11 talents are PhD holders. Some graduated from Yale, Stanford and other world-class universities, while others have rich working experiences in world leading companies such as Goldman Sachs, General Motors and Boeing. They master advanced technologies or hold patents.


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