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Metro shields work well in initial tests

By  Dong Zh (Shanghai Daily)

08:14, April 10, 2012

AUTOMATIC shield gates being tested at a Metro station has functioned smoothly since it started trial service last Thursday, the local Metro operator said yesterday.

The shields will be installed on other stations on Line 2 to curb suicide attempts if the three-month test ends successfully.

Forty such gates started test runs last Thursday at Line 2's Weining Road Station in Changning District. The public has long appealed for effective measures to curb suicide attempts that have taken place, interrupting traffic and sometimes causing casualties.

The gates are also expected to help curb accidental falls from overpacked platforms during times of high traffic. Line 2 is the busiest in the city, catering to an average daily turnover of more than 1 million people.

The test runs will gradually increase. Right now, the shield gates function only during slack traffic hours. But after next month, they will also be tested during high traffic, said the Metro management.

"We need more time to review their coordination with the trains, especially during high traffic," said Lan Tian, a Metro official.


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