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Fudan scientists breed long-fiber cotton

By  Liang Yiwen   (Shanghai Daily)

08:59, April 06, 2012

Shanghai scientists have developed China's own genetically modified cotton which has longer fibers and is hoped to help reduce the country's imports of high-end cotton, Fudan University announced today.

Yang Jinshui, life sciences professor at Fudan University and a member of the genetic research team at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has applied the gene technology in cotton breeding.

The fiber length of the genetically modified cotton averages 33.5mm, at least 3 mm longer than ordinary ones. Most Chinese cotton strains are 27 to 29 millimeters in fiber length.

Textile products made of cotton with short fiber length are less competitive in the international market as they are poor in tensile strength, scientists said.


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Ang at 2012-04-0660.50.4.*
Well done to Shanghai Scientists.Keep it up the good works

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